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KReST Programme

Certificate, Diploma and Degree

Our core program is a traditional theological curriculum designed for men who are preparing to serve as pastors, Bible teachers, church-planters, or foreign missionaries. KReST seeks to provide the student with a thorough theological education. To this end we offer training in exegetical, historical, systematic, and pastoral theology. KReST offers a 24-credit Certificate, an 83-credit Diploma and a 109-credit B.A. Degree in theological studies. The student must complete the B.A. Degree program within 5 years from the time of his enrolment.

Credit Transfer

Credits may be granted for work done at other institutions after evaluation by the school. The applicant must provide the school with an official transcript from their former institution. He may also need to provide the school with the academic catalogue, course descriptions, and class syllabi for those courses that he wishes to transfer. Students must take at least 63 credits with KReST to earn a diploma and 82 credits with KReST to earn a degree. Students wishing to transfer credits from KReST to other schools are responsible to ascertain the acceptance of credit by the receiving institution.

Block Class Instruction

Pursuing a theological education while holding a job and caring for a family can be challenging. In order to accommodate students who are managing various responsibilities, KReST courses are held in block class format in which students come quarterly for five days lectures and take home assignments. Exams for the previous lectures are taken at the beginning of the following quarter. Students will find the course syllabus, required textbooks, assignments, grading scales, and other course information on the school’s website. Some of these block classes are open to non-students and lay persons of both genders to help them increase their knowledge of the word of God.

Core Programme

Exegetical Theology (Biblical Language Studies)


ET1 – New Testament Greek 1 (2)

ET2 – New Testament Greek 2 (2)


Exegetical Theology (Biblical and Exegetical Theology Proper)

ET3 – Historical Books: Samuel to Chronicles [OT Biblical Theology 6]

ET4 – Hermeneutics (3)

ET5 – Pentateuch [OT Biblical Theology 1] (2)

ET6 – Historical Books: Joshua to Ruth [OT Biblical Theology 2] (3)

ET7 – Prophetical Books: Isaiah to Malachi [OT Biblical Theology 3] (2)

ET8 – Survey of the Gospels and Acts (2)

ET9 – NT Epistles [Compare and Contrast Pauline Epistles with those of John, Peter, etc] (2)

ET10 – Psalms & Wisdom Literature [OT Biblical Theology 4] (2)

ET11 – Biblical (OT & NT) Exegesis (2)

ET12 – Historical Books: Ezra to Esther [OT Biblical Theology 6]


Historical Theology (Church History)

HT1 – Early Church History (3)

HT2 – Medieval Church History (3)

HT3 – History of the Reformation (Reformation and Puritans) (3)

HT4 – Early American Christianity and Modern Missions (3)

HT5 – History of Christianity in Africa (3)

HT6 – Cults, Modern and Contemporary Church History (3)

HT7 – History of the Baptists [Symbolics] (2)


Pastoral Theology (Pastoral and Practical Studies)

PT1 – Christian Ethics (3)     

PT2 – Christian Worldview & Polemics (3)

PT3 – Pastoral Theology 1 [Intro/ Call/ Qualification/ Character] (2)

PT4 – Evangelism, Church Planting & Missions (3)

PT5 – Pastoral Theology 3 [Sermon Preparation and preaching] (3)

PT6 – Pastoral Theology 2 [Visitation, Counselling {HIV/AIDS in the Church}, & Oversight (3)


Systematic Theology


ST1 – Introduction to Systematic Theology and Doctrine of Scripture (3)

ST2 – Doctrine of God (3)

ST3 – Doctrine of the Covenants [Covenant Redemption] (2)

ST4 – Doctrine of Christ (3)

ST5 – Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (3)

ST6 – Doctrine of Man & Sin (3)

ST7 – Doctrine of Salvation (3)

ST8 – Doctrine of the Church (2)

ST9 – Doctrine of the Last Things (3)


Special Programmes Studies


SPS1 – Mentorship (3)

SPS2 – Internship (3)







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