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KReST Financial Information

Making Education Affordable

KReST receives financial support from individuals, organisations and churches that view the preparation of gospel labourers as a facet of the Great Commission. Consequently, the school is able to provide theological training at a very affordable rate. 

Block classes are charged separately. Students in the Core Programme may be asked to pay extra fees for the block classes, depending on what costs the college has in setting them up (e.g. speakers’ expenses, and food and lodging). Once the academic dean ascertains the cost of the block classes to be passed on to the students, they will be informed accordingly.

The term fees should be paid at the beginning of each term or when the student first enrols. The term enrolment fee will be prorated for those who enrol in the middle of a term. 

Students (or their home church) are responsible to purchase the textbooks, course media, and other materials for learning. 

Every so often the school raises scholarship money for students to help those who are struggling to pay their fees. These are only available to students who are going into their second year of studies onwards and who have performed exceptionally well in the previous year. If you answer to this description, do not hesitate to ask for this.

Fees and Tuition

Currently (2022), KReST is charging the student a nominal tuition of KSh.3,500 ($29) per block, which works out to KSh.14,000 ($116) per year. A student that pays for the whole year at the beginning of the year will only pay KSh.12,000 ($99). 

We believe this is a reasonable amount of expense for a school student to manage.

Support KReST

How can KReST offer a full ministerial education at such a reduced cost? Part of the reason lies in the fact that we are a part time learning school. We do not need to charge the student to maintain the overhead expenses of building facilities and a resident faculty. But another part of the reason lies in the fact that KReST is partially supported by the generosity of individuals, organisations, and local churches. Indeed, this is one more reason why KReST is a “church-based” school. We believe local churches should be willing to invest in those who aspire after and show potential for the ministry. In light of this, we would like you to consider supporting KReST financially (if you have not already begun to do so). If you are interested in supporting the school or in knowing more about our financial needs, please contact the school principal.







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